This web site will probably always be a work in progress.  Any spelling ~ or misspelling as the case may be ~ of people or places are usually exactly as they are recorded in the sources used (but correct me anyway, because it may be a typo!).  I will do my best to never infringe on another's copyright, if you know of any infringement, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.  If you have any information to contribute, it would be gratefully added ~ if you can prove or disprove any information, that, too would be appreciated.  Much of my information has come to me from others, and for their hard work I say "Thank you."  If you would like to link to any part of my site, please do, but please let me know first and PLEASE do not "hotlink".

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G.T.T. ~ "Gone to Texas" - ..."Ma, pack up the dishes and the kids, throw 'em in the wagon...we're headed across-country; we're gonna forge new roads through the wilderness; we're gonna ford strange rivers; we're gonna fight Indians; we're gonna leave everything that is familiar - may never see your Momma and Daddy again, so give 'em a big hug and kiss..." 
In Grateful Memory ~ This is my tribute to all our folk, past and present, who stepped up to defend our way of life.  I will include pictures and bios where possible. This will include co-lateral lines. The names will eventually be linked back to the Genealogy sections so that you can see where they fit in the family structure.
It's All Relative My  Virtual Family Album
My Opinion This is my "Rant Area" and Political Correctness WILL NOT be observed as I see that as a violation of my 1st Amendment Rights. What it will include are links to sites that I enjoy or find relevant to my own beliefs.
 My Immigration Reform Proposal Our government seems to be having a problem with this, so I have outlined a fairly simple idea...
The Legend of the "Yellow Rose of Texas"
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

--Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Stephens Smith, 13 November 1787




I'll Keep my Guns, Religion and Freedom

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