I want to start by saying that our country was founded by immigrants.  I want our country to continue to welcome "the poor, the tired the huddled masses".  It is a vital part to what makes our country great.  That being said, we are a nation of laws.  When we no longer honor the Constitution upon which our country was founded, we lose our sovereignty, our identity, our very greatness that makes our shores so desirable to so many.  We cannot pick and choose which laws we might was to enforce or follow...this leads to anarchy.  

Immigration Rules

  1. NO anchor babies! Citizenship will be determined by the citizenship of the parents. If a child was born under the old rule and is considered a US citizen, the parents will be subject to deportation.  The parents may either: 1. take their child to be raised in their native country, and when the child reaches majority, he or she may return to the US; or 2. the child may stay in the US with an appointed legal guardian at the expense of the parents or guardian.  
  2. NO social welfare programs: NO WIC; NO food stamps; NO free medical; NO housing assistance; NO free education; NO Social Security programs.  
  3. English as a Second Language course will be paid for by the parents of the student unless the student presents legal status papers and is applying for citizenship through legal channels.  
  4. All employers will be subject to E-Verify. any employer hiring an illegal alien will be subject to fines, loss of business licenses and/or prison.