The Legend of the

 The true story of the Yellow Rose of Texas may never be known; there seem to be several versions, but all agree that the Yellow Rose was probably a Mulato by the name of Emily D. West.  She is credited by many with saving the young Republic in her time of great need.  By some accounts Emily was a slave and by others she was a free woman of color from NY who indentured herself to Col. James Morgan and still others claim she was the young second wife of Lorenzo de Zavala, first Vice President of the Republic of Texas.  What ever the real story, she will always be known to the descendents of The Republic of Texas as the beloved Yellow Rose.

Here you will find different versions of the Legend


 The Lyrics

This became a favorite marching song for Texas troops in the War of Northern Aggression [aka: Civil War], where the last two stanzas were added.

There’s a yellow rose in Texas
That I am going to see
No other darky know her
No one only me

She cryed so when I left her
It like to broke my heart
And if I ever find her
We nevermore will part.

She’s the sweetest rose of color
This darky ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds
They sparkle like the dew

You may talk about dearest May
and sing of Rosa Lee
But the yellow rose of Texas
Beats the belles of Tennessee.

Oh my feet are torn and bloody,

and my heart is full of woe,

I'm going back to Georgia,

 to find my Uncle Joe,


You may talk about your Beauregard,

and sing of Bobbie Lee,

But the gallant Hood of Texas,

he played hell in Tennessee.